Mission & Vision

The Department of Corrections' training mission is to promote staff development and training that not only ensures the maintenance of a safe and professionally managed facility, but also provides equal opportunity for growth through customized core training and career development programs.

Our goal is to comply with and meet or exceed federal, state and local training standards.

Officer at the gatehouse

Protect the safety of the citizens of Prince George’s County by securing, in a humane environment, offenders legally entrusted to our custody and care, and to provide viable alternatives to incarceration.

Provide opportunities whereby offenders are equipped with the skills to assist them in functioning as productive members of society.

Promote staff development and training that ensures the maintenance of a safe, pleasant, clean and professional work environment. 

Our Vision

Through professionalism, respect, and commitment we provide exemplary training and development geared towards achieving our vision of developing the most highly trained and competent staff in the correctional industry.

We support, promote and commit to these Core Values:

  •  Training as the cornerstone of professional development and excellence.
  •  Development of staff both as individuals and as team members.
  •  Enhancing staff development in the face of change.
  •  Respect for the dignity and diversity of all individuals.
  •  Response to the special needs and requirements of the Department.
  •  Maintenance of the highest standards of professional and personal development.