HIV / STI's Work Group

The HIV and STIs Work Group consists of about 35 members (PDF) and represents roughly 12 various community-based, health-oriented organizations in Prince George’s County.

The Coalition was formed under the leadership of Prince George’s County Health Department (PGCHD), with County Health Officer Pamela Creekmur serving as Chairwoman, in order to move the county towards reaching its goals as outlined in the Prince George’s County Health Improvement Plan, 2011-2014 (PDF).​
HIV STIs Group
​Strategies, Goals & Accomplishments
The HIV and STIs Work Group operates under Priority 4 of the Local Health Action Plan for 2011-2014 in Prince George’s County, to “prevent and control infectious disease in Prince George’s county, particularly among African Americans and other minorities.” As such, the Work Group has selected the following County Outcome Objective to work towards achieving each year:
  • Reduce new HIV infections among adults and adolescents
2014 Goal Areas Accomplished
In 2014, the work group accomplished significant progress on its goals in the following areas:
  • ​Met with Prince George’s County hospitals to identify barriers to implementing routinized testing and conducted strategic planning to achieve consistent legislation on HIV testing and consent across all county hospitals
  • Increasing provider awareness of Center for Disease Control (CDC) and DHMH recommendations regarding routine HIV testing/Hosted physicians CME dinner
  • Increasing routine testing in public and private sectors
2015 Goals
In 2015, the work group’s goals are:
  • ​Have the two top hospitals integrated into a routine testing program
  • Compile list of test sites and distribute to recommended sites (i.e. clinics, hospitals)
  • Attend County Board of Health meeting and U.S. Conference on AIDS to increase spotlight on Prince George’s County and increase funding opportunities
  • Increase Hepatitis C efforts within county
  • 6 p.m.
  • 3rd Tuesday of each Month
  • 1701 McCormick Drive
    Largo, Maryland 20774.​
Visit PGHAC Meetings/Calendar for a list of scheduled PGHAC meetings/events.