Our Mission

The Inspections Division provides regulation of construction, development and grading activity in the County, with the exception of the City of Laurel, through inspection and enforcement. Codes enforced include building, electrical, fire, mechanical, energy, accessibility, grading, stormwater management, site and road and other applicable State and County codes for construction projects in the County.

It should be noted that commercial projects, with the exception of those involving work of a minor nature (<$200,000), are required to be certified by third party inspection agents under the Third Party Inspection Program (TPIP). The Divisions’ Commercial Construction/Life Safety Section oversees the TPIP. When contacting us, please have the case number or the building address available.


Within the County there are 27 municipalities, and permitting and inspection responsibilities within them are defined in the following charts.

To determine if your project is within one of these municipalities, please visit the Atlas website; click on "Map Layers" (the second icon on the right).

View the list of choices, then click on the drop-down menu by "Administrative" Layer and click on the "Municipal Boundary" layer.

Inspection Forms

Visit our Forms & Checklists pages under Resources to access Inspection forms, reports and applications.