The Inspections Division provides regulation of construction, development and grading activity in the County, with the exception of the City of Laurel, through inspection and enforcement. Codes enforced include building, electrical, fire, mechanical, energy, accessibility, grading, stormwater management, site and road and other applicable State and County codes for construction projects in the County.

It should be noted that commercial projects, with the exception of some involving work of a minor nature $200,000 or greater, are required to be certified by third party inspection agents under the Third Party Inspection Program (TPIP).   The Building Code Official or designated representative may include or exclude a project from the TPIP due to its complexity, simplicity, or innovation, based on recommendations from the Associate Director for the Inspections Division (ID) or designee, and/or upon written request from the property owner. The Divisions’ Commercial Construction/Life Safety Section oversees the TPIP. When contacting us, please have the case number or the building address available.

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