Circuit Court - Grand Jury Indictment

What Happens After a Grand Jury Votes for an Indictment?

Once a defendant has been indicted for a felony charge and the indictment has been filed, he or she is arraigned in the Circuit Court. The District Court no longer has jurisdiction over a defendant once an indictment has been filed.

At the arraignment, the defendant is given a copy of the indictment, which includes information about the case, such as the specific offense(s) allegedly committed, along with the date, time and place of such offense(s). The court gives a formal reading of the indictment, and the defendant is advised that he or she should obtain an attorney, if he or she has not already done so. The defendant is also given the date of the motions hearing and trial. In some cases, the previous bail determination may be reviewed and different conditions of release imposed by the judge.