Permit Center

Welcome to the DPIE Virtual Permit Cafe, for Homeowner Walk-Through Permits 2B

New Virtual Permit Café (VPC)

Beginning September 1, 2021, DPIE will launch the VIRTUAL PERMIT CAFÉ (VPC) for homeowner walk-through permits following COVID-19 safety protocols. The Virtual Permit Café is an online system that allows customers to have plans reviewed virtually. A list of the eligible permit types can be found HERE.

For more information on DPIE's Homeowner Walk-Through Permit Process, visit our Virtual Permit Café (VPC) page.

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Section Responsibilities
The Permits Section operates and manages the County Permits Center, which entails:
  • Providing residential and commercial customers with the information needed to submit permit applications and plans
  • Distributing permit applications and plans to agencies responsible for review
  • Issuing permits for approved applications and plans
Customer Service
Stack of Permits on Desk
Other services provided by the Permits Section include:
  • Providing permit application and processing status
  • Storing, maintaining, and archiving permit applications and plans
  • Preparing and distributing brochures and other public information on permits