Gladys Spellman Public Service Award Application

The Gladys Noon Spellman Award was established in 1986 as a lasting tribute to Congresswoman Spellman and her accomplishments during a long and outstanding career in public service. The award, which is presented during the County’s Women’s History Month Luncheon (WHML), is given annually to a woman in Prince George’s County Government whose career and dedication to the County closely parallel that of Congresswoman Spellman.

Award Namesake

​Gladys Noon Spellman was an educator in the Prince George’s County Public Schools System and president of the Prince George’s County Council of PTAs. She was the first woman elected to the Board of Commissioners of Prince George’s County. Additionally, she served in the highest capacity for County officials nationwide when she became the first woman elected president of the National Association of Counties.

​In 1974, she was elected to the United States Congress where she was instrumental in sponsoring legislation to prevent discrimination based on marital status and prohibiting discrimination against the handicapped and elderly.


​Each department or agency is encouraged to nominate a woman who embodies the essence of Congresswoman Spellman’s commitment to service and excellence. Nominees will be recognized at the WHML on March 15, 2018.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Candidate must be a resident of Prince George's county
  • Candidate must be a Prince George's County Government employee and should demonstrate steady career growth or progress
  • Candidate should have non-work related interests and activities, including community service
  • Candidate must possess strong leadership abilities and apply these to the betterment of Prince George's County Government

Application Requirements

Your application must include the following:
  • Narrative statement that expresses the candidate’s service and its impact on the workplace and residents using the theme, “Serving Together. Serving All”.(Times Roman, 11 pt, double-spaced, 200-250 words)Narrative statement that expresses the candidate's service and its impact on the workplace and/or residents (Times Roman, 11 point, double-spaced, 200-250 words)
  • Education and/or professional development (Please add dates if completed since 2010 or currently underway)
  • Service activities: professional and/or personal (Include date of service/activity and example of your involvement.)
  • Awards (List name of award, year received, and presenting organization, please do not attach copies of awards)
  • Other documents that may support your nomination, such as letters of commendation or recommendation, news clippings, photographs, etc.