1. County Highlights

  1. Petition for Election of Labor Organization

    Petition for Election of Labor Organization

    AFSCME has requested to represent the 311 Call Center Representatives. This would add them to their bargaining unit. Learn More
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    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe on YouTube to get more info on the sights, sounds and popular spots in the county. Find Us Online
  3. Coffee beans and police badge

    Cops & Coffee

    Chat and get to know your local officers over a cup or two, and present your concerns about crime in the area. Also, get a chance to participate in crime prevention projects. View Calendar
  4. Break the Cycle

    Breaking the Cycle

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Millions of people are affected by domestic violence in forms of emotional or physical abuse. Don’t stay silent, speak up and take a stand. Learn More
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