Cable Television Commission



The mission of the Prince George's County Cable Commission is to advocate for and protect the public interest in the regulation and the development of the cable communications system

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Commission Meetings
The Prince George's County Cable Commission meets each month and the meetings are open to the public.
Cable Complaints
If you have a complaint about any aspect of your cable service, you are welcome to file a complaint in various ways.
Customer Service
The Cable Office offers assistance resolving cable television service issues with franchise providers Comcast and Verizon
Frequently Asked Questions
The Cable Office has answers to most commonly asked cable questions.
Simplifying Your Rights
The Cable Office provides a brochure with information about your rights when dealing with your cable provider.
Cable Equipment
Cable equipment must be returned or exchanged within the municipality where service was delivered.
Incorporated Municipalities
If you live in an incorporated Municipality, it is likely that the Municipality grants and enforces its own franchises. In that case, Prince George's County has no authority.
Request A Speaker
The Cable Office would like to increase awareness of the assistance the Cable Commission offers county residents to help resolve cable issues.
Regulations & Orders
The Prince George’s County Cable Commission was established to govern the county’s cable franchises.
Media Organizations
The heart of the community, get a glimpse inside of Prince George's County award-winning television programming.
Senior Citizens
For Senior Citizen Discounts on Expanded Basic and Preferred Service to subscribers 65 years or older, please contact your cable provider for more information and frequently asked questions.
Safety Precautions
As a safety precaution, we recommend that customers request Comcast and Verizon employees show proper identification prior to performing any service call.
Cable Service Centers
Locate the cable offices that will allow you to conduct cable-related business.

Monthly Promotions
The Cable Commission shares monthly discounts and promotions with county residents offered by Comcast and Verizon.