Board Of Ethics

The Board renders advisory opinions to officers and the employees of the County as to all questions arising under the Code of Ethics. It also receives complaints and authorizes the conduct of investigations in connection with the Code of Ethics. 

If you would like the Board to render an advisory opinion, please forward a written request to:

Office of Ethics and Accountability (OEA)
Largo Government Center,
9201 Basil Court, Suite 155
Largo, Maryland 20774

or by email at

It should contain a complete statement of the facts, including your name, address and phone number, your official position, a brief description of your agency, commission or office and the nature of the question.

After issuance, OEA must publish any such opinion in accordance with the County’s Code of Ethics. However, identifying information about you in the opinion will be redacted unless you consent otherwise in writing. In some cases, protecting the identity of the subject is not possible. Whenever possible, opinions are drafted so that deletions to protect identities are unnecessary. If the Board of Ethics finds that the privacy interest of a public employee or other person clearly outweighs the public's need to be informed about the Board’s actions, the Board may publish a list of opinions that have not been published with an explanation stating the reason why each was not published.


  • The Honorable Covette Rooney, Board Chair
  • Cassandra Burckhalter, Member
  • ​Curtis Eugene, Member
  • Anne Magner, Esq., Member
  • Sharon Theodore-Lewis, Esq., Member
  • Robin Barnes-Shell, Esq., Executive Director

2013 Annual Report