Annual Report

Ethics and Accountability FY 2014 Annual Performance Report


2013 Registered Lobbyist Reports

Name Company
​ Abbruzzese, Rick Walton Maryland II, LLC​
​ Albert, Nina ​Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Baker, Ernest ​ Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Battle, Kenneth J. ​ Chem-Met Company, Inc.
Bellamy, Lorenzo M. ​ Walker Benefit Services, LLC
Bennett, Tyler​ Walker Benefit Services, LLC
Bereano, Bruce C. ​ Safeway, Inc
MD Assoc. of Tobacco and Candy Distributors
Carrington, Darrell​ AFSCME Council67
Dphopolsky, Heather​ Kaiser Foundation Health
Washington Gas
Duncan, Douglas​ Lerner Corp./Brightseat Assoc., LLC
Lerner Corp./Springhill Lake Hotel Partners, LLC
Evans, Gerard​ Beltway Paving & BPSM
Chaney Enterprise

MD Trans. Builders & Material Assoc.
​ Evans, Hayley Chaney Enterprise
Fowler, Michael L. ​ Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
G.S. Proctor & Associates ​ CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
Clark Construction Group, LLC

National Children's Museum
Newton Development Company
Timothy Brandywine Investment One, LLC

Timothy Brandywine Investment Two, LLC
Gibbs, Jr., Edward ​ ​Six Flags America
Gingles, Andre​ ​Wal-Mart Store, Inc.
Graham, Thomas H. ​ Pepco Holdings, Inc.
Graziano, Michael​ Prince George's CountyAssoc.ofRealtors,Inc.
Haller, Thomas​ Largo Mutilfamily Development, LLC
Cambridge Place at Westphallia, LLC
​ Harris-Jones, Lisa Auto Return
Lorillad, Inc.
​ Hatcher, Christopher Walton Maryland II, LLC
​ Jackson, Marcus MD National Capital Building Industry
Kelley, Darryl A. ​ MD Casino, LLC
​Kline, Thomas C. ​Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
La Roca, Michelle​ Data Partners, LLC/LaserShip​
Lucas, Daniel P.​ Liuna M.A.R.O.C.
​Malone, Sean Auto Return
Lorillard, Inc.
​McDonough, Caitlin Lorillard, Inc. ​
Parker, Midgett​ Collective Empowerment Group
Washington Gas
Pasternak, Jerry​ Pepco Holdings, Inc. ​
Reel, David​ Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association ​
Rivera, Norman​

Jospeh Smith & Sons
NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt, LLC
NVR MS Cavalier Oak Creek Owner, LLC
Synagro - WWT, Inc.

​Roberts-Satinsky, Megan Washington Gas
​Rozner, Joel D. Walton Maryland II, LLC
Waste Management of Maryland
Optotraffic/Sigma Space Corporation
​Shaivitz, Robin ​Walker Benefit Services, LLC
​ Shipley & Horne, PA Clear Channel Open Door Housing Fund
St. Johns Properties, Inc.
Strategic Solutions Center​ Johnson Controls, Inc.
SAP Public Services, Inc.

Gantech, Inc.
Oakland Consulting
​ Taft Hardy, Marina Clear Channel Outdoor
Thompson, Melvin​ Restaurant Assoc. of Maryland ​
Vaias, Emily​ Kaiser Foundation Health
​Valentino-Benitez, Ellen 7-Eleven, Inc.
Washington, Jr., Charles​ Pepco Holdings, LLC
Watkins, Tami​ Pepco Holdings, LLC​
Wineholt, Ronald ​ Apartments & Office Bldg. Assoc. of Metroplitan​
​ Wynn, Albert Lorillard, Inc.


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