​Our success in County Government is built on a foundation of honest decision-making and a commitment by our employees to act with integrity every day – doing the right thing when it comes to our own behavior, being aware of what’s going on around us and being willing to speak up when we see or suspect activity that could harm our organization.


We are introducing a program called Make a Difference that’s designed to promote an ethical workplace and provide you with the resources you need to uphold our high standards. It features awareness materials that will promote discussions about workplace issues and offer information about reporting any unethical or illegal activities. 


Help Make a Difference – if you see or suspect misconduct, talk to your manager. If doing so makes you feel uncomfortable, we offer another option for anonymously voicing your concerns. We have retained the services of The Network, an independent reporting service that allows you to communicate your concerns via Web report or toll-free telephone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fear of retaliation.

Report Online

Toll-free: 1-855-224-0736


Working together, we can prevent unethical or illegal activities before it causes harm. If you want to know more or have questions about the Make a Difference program, contact the Office of Ethics and Accountability at (301) 883-3445. Thank you for your commitment and your cooperation.