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Circuit Court for Prince George's County, Maryland
Mail:                    P. O. Box 401, Upper Marlboro, MD   20772
Walk-In:              Courthouse, Room D-3002
Telephone:          301-952-3461
Fax:                     301-952-2984


Record of Court Proceedings

  •  All proceedings before the court are recorded—either by an official Court Reporter or by a digital audio recording.   
  • Transcripts of proceedings in the Circuit Court are available only through an official Court Reporter.    
  • The cost of transcripts depends on the type of record and the number of pages in the final typed transcript.    

Order a Transcript

     1.    You will need the case number and dates of the record you want.  If possible, find the judge's name and courtroom number . 

      2.   Order a CD of an audio recording, or a written transcript with the right form!

  • If the proceeding was recorded by a digital audio recording (no court reporter present) ORDER a CD.   The CD will be free if you also order a printed transcript.:  
  • If you are appealing from the Circuit Court to the Court of Special Appeals or Court of Appeals, you must ORDER A TRANSCRIPT FOR APPEAL.
  • If you need a transcript for any other reason, you must ORDER A TRANSCRIPT, NON-APPEAL.

     3.   PAY for your transcript.    A court reporter may provide an estimate in advance, but will not know the final cost until the transcript is completed.       

Transcripts from a Hearing Before a Family Division Master

  • All Masters' hearings are recorded on digital audio recording equipment.   
  • You may purchase a CD of that recording from the Family Division Information Center.
  • No transcripts are provided through the court.
  • You may purchase a transcript of that CD from a private transcription service.  
Transcripts from the District Court
  • The Circuit Court cannot obtain transcripts of District Court proceedings.  
  • Contact the District Court to obtain transcripts for an appeal to the Circuit Court.

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