Law Library


Prince George’s County Courthouse
Marbury Wing, Room M-1400


(301) 952-3438​


8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.​


Regular court days



The Law Library of the Circuit Court for Prince George's County provides public access  to legal materials for attorneys and litigants. The Law Library has limited staff and resources available to assist all attorneys and litigants; therefore, a staff member cannot allocate more than about 15 minutes to assist any Law Library user.

 Law Library staff may respond to telephone inquiries regarding the library’s holdings on a particular subject, and may guide Law Library users in the organization and use of materials, indices, online card catalog, digests, and texts, within the limits of staff obligations to serve all Law Library users. 

However, the staff of the Law Library may not offer legal advice, perform legal research, interpret the text of a law or legal opinion, recommend or endorse any specific publication, or assist in the preparation of any legal or court document. For legal advice, you must consult an attorney.



  1. Be courteous to all Law Library users and staff
  2. Enter and exit the Law Library quietly, and avoid conversation in the Law Library.
  3. Cooperate with Law Library Staff.
  4. Limit Internet Use on Law Library terminals to legal research.
  5. Limit Internet Use on Law Library terminals to 45 minutes per day.
  6. Limit Use of the Quick Access Terminal to 15 minutes per user, per day.
  7. Silence all tones on Mobile Phones.
  8. Observe regular Law Library Hours.
  9. Apply for a Student or Bar Member Access Pass for after-hours use of the Law Library.
    (See Law Library Staff for application.) 

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Image of: Honorable Judge Sheila R. Tillerson Adams

The Honorable
Sheila R. Tillerson Adams
Administrative Judge
Seventh Judicial Circuit and
Circuit Court for
Prince George’s County