Self-Represented Party


What help can I get from the Family Division Information Center?

  • Forms for pleadings in some types of cases
  • Information about programs for troubled families in Prince George’s County
  • Procedural advice, explaining where and how to file pleadings

NO legal advice, or answers to questions about the law

Should I have a lawyer handle my case?

YES, if you are in a case involving a dispute over:

  • paternity, guardianship, or adoption of a minor child
  • custody, visitation or support of a minor child
  • grounds for divorce
  • alimony, marital property, or pension benefits
  • guardianship for a disabled adult, or other issues 

YES, if you need help to:

  • locate or serve a necessary party
  • obtain financial or other information important to your case
  • represent you in court or talk with the opposing party or lawyer 

How can I find a lawyer who can help me?

  • Prince George’s County Lawyer Referral Service:  301-952-1440 

But, what if I can’t afford a lawyer?

You may qualify for representation at a reduced fee or no cost. Call:

  • Community Legal Services                                   301-864-8353
  • Legal Aid Bureau of Prince George’s County    301-927-6800  

Is there someone who can just answer a few legal questions?

YES.     Lawyers volunteer to provide free, limited legal advice (10 – 15 minutes) in the              Self-Represented Litigant Clinic in the Courthouse.   

  • You cannot make an advanced appointment.   
  • You must sign in on the day you wish to see the lawyer, at least one hour before closing.
  • Clinic Hours:   9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to Noon Friday