Grand Jury

The Circuit Court for Prince George's County Welcomes All - A Fair Forum for Justice

A Grand Jury of 23 meets to determine whether the State has sufficient evidence to “indict” or charge the accused of a crime. Unlike a trial jury, a Grand Jury decides by a majority vote, not unanimous verdict.

There are three Grand Jury terms each year; each term runs for four months. Grand Jurors serve for a 4 month time period, two separate panels report every Tuesday or Thursday during the four (4) month period. Grand Jury cases are criminal in nature; Grand jurors are responsible for reviewing the testimony and evidence in a case to determine if there is sufficient information to indict (or charge) the accused.

Questionnaires are sent out to prospective Grand Jurors six (6) weeks in advance; the questionnaire must be completed and returned to the Jury Office within ten (10) days. Four weeks prior to the Grand Jury Orientation, summons will be mailed out specifying the date to report for orientation. If you are summoned to serve on a Grand Jury, you will be summoned to a special Orientation, where you will learn more about your duties and responsibilities.

The Circuit Court for
Prince George’s County
Welcomes All –
A Fair Forum for Justice

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