Family Division Masters

The Circuit Court for Prince George's County Welcomes All - A Fair Forum for Justice

Family Division Masters help the judges of the Circuit Court resolve many family law matters more efficiently.

In Prince George’s County, Family Division Masters hear matters involving child custody, child support, divorce, alimony, and a variety of juvenile matters, including matters involving children in need of assistance. After a hearing, a Master submits a Report and Recommendations for the issuance of a proposed Order by a judge of the Circuit Court.

The Family Division Masters now serving the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County are:

  • Master Paul Baer Eason
  • Master Alisia Ferguson
  • Master Kristen Hileman-Adams
  • Master Althea R. Stewart Jones
  • Master Thomas J. Rogers
  • Master Judy L. Woodall
  • Master Paul D. Wright, III