Clerk of the Council

Welcome to the Office of the Clerk of the County Council for Prince George's County, Maryland. The Office of the Clerk of the Council renders essential support services to the County Council in its capacities as the County's legislative body, the District Council in planning and zoning matters, and the Board of Health. The Clerk's Office also provides staff support to the Board of Appeals. As required by Charter, the Clerk maintains the official Journal of legislative actions; is responsible for the preparation of Council and District Council agendas and minutes; processes legal advertising; reproduces and distributes all Council legislation, resolutions and other Council documents; and performs numerous other detailed record-keeping functions essential to the smooth operation of the legislative and zoning processes. The Office codifies legislation and produces quadrennial reprints of the County Code and annual supplements thereto. The Clerk's Office maintains the web-based Legislative Information System (LIS).

The Clerk of the Council is responsible for preserving and maintaining the Council's permanent records, in accordance with an approved retention schedule, and is considered the official custodian of the following records:

  • Pending, amended, and adopted legislation;
  • Zoning files and records to include Sectional Map Amendments, Master Plans, Special Exceptions, Site Plans, Non-conforming Uses, and other cases requiring Council action;
  • Files mandated by County Code and State Law;
  • Board of Appeals zoning variance files;
  • County Council and District Council Rules and Procedures; and the
  • Records Management Process.

The Office of the Clerk of the Council produces and distributes copies of items pending before, and adopted by, the Council. Additionally, persons wishing to speak before the Council should arrange to do so, in advance, by contacting the Clerk.