The Council Administrator coordinates and manages the responsibilities of the entire Legislative Branch including the Council Administration, Clerk of the Council, Office of Communications, the Zoning Hearing Examiner's Office, the Office of Audits and Investigations and the Board of Appeals.

The County Council Administrator is one of the few exempt positions under the Charter. The Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Council and is responsible for developing and supervising management techniques to assure that the Council is provided in a timely manner all of the technical, professional, and clerical support required for decision-making in a wide variety of subject areas. The Administrator develops, subject to Council approval, concepts, objectives and policy for Council decisions, and translates these decisions into guidance for the Council staff; establishes priorities to meet stated Council objectives; reviews the performance of staff for conformity to policies and objectives; and insures coordination between staff members, other County departments, and bi-county agencies. The Administrator is responsible for advising the Council on legally mandated deadlines for action and for assuring compliance with other legal mandates such as preparing an annual Affirmative Action Program. The Administrator is responsible for preparing the budget for the Legislative Branch, and following the adoption of the budget, for supervising expenditures to assure that they are in conformity with the approved budget. The Administrator is responsible for recruiting central staff, training, supervising and evaluating those employees, implementing the personnel laws relating to promotion, discipline or discharge of central staff employees, approving or denying reimbursement of expenses for travel, attendance at conferences, or other activities of those employees.

The Council Administrator is responsible for the preparation of agendas for Council meetings, dissemination of information to the public about the actions of the Council, codification of laws enacted by the Council, and the preparation of a daily log of mail received by the Chairman and preparation of responses to correspondence directed to the Council as a body.

The Council Administrator is responsible for the allocation of space for members of the staff, purchase of equipment, supplies and services for the staff, and assignment of all work programs of the staff.