Special Events

What is a Proclamation?

A proclamation is an official declaration recognizing individuals, businesses, organization or events that live or work in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Proclamations are written for Retirements; Boy Scouts; Eagle Scouts; In Memory; Birthday (60+); Anniversaries, i.e. Church, Wedding, Pastor, Organizations; Community Service; Awards; Public Safety; Tributes; etc.

How to Request a Proclamation?

Proclamation requests should be received at least five (5) days prior to the event if it is being picked-up; and ten (10) days prior if it is being mailed. You may contact the Council Member’s Office directly or contact the Special Events Coordinator, Carol D. Johnson, (301) 952-3645, or by email cdjohnson@co.pg.md.us. Download the application.

What is Needed for a Proclamation?

In order to write the proclamation information is needed to include the requesting person’s contact information; a flyer, a bio, a website or written paragraph(s) regarding the individual, business, or organization that is receiving the proclamation, and a date when the proclamation is needed. A mailing address (if being mailed).