Environmental Enforcement

(301) 883-5824 or (301) 883-5833

As part of the NPDES Permit, the County is required to reduce pollutants to its storm drain systems and waterways. To meet this requirement, SSD uses a cooperative approach to gain compliance. This approach emphasizes public education for preventing pollution problems.
Environmental enforcement includes investigation measures that identify illegal discharges to the County’s storm drain system. Inspectors perform site visits at commercial and industrial properties, respond to water pollution complaints, and inspect storm drain outfalls for pollution problems. Enforcement measures are used to correct major pollution problems, or in cases where violations or fines are necessary.
To keep our communities clean and environmentally safe, public participation is needed. You should be on the lookout for common pollution problems such as illegal dumping, unusual discharges into streams or storm drains, oil and chemical spills, sewer and septic leaks from manholes and pipes, and large areas of bare soil and erosion. Please report pollution problems immediately to SSD by calling (301) 883-5833.
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