Community Outreach

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The Sustainability Services Division offers an entire suite of environmental education and outreach programs to citizens and community groups interested in helping preserve the County’s natural environment. From stream cleanups to storm drain stenciling/inlet marking, from community cleanups to tree plantings, we do it all!

Volunteer Storm Drain Stenciling Program

(301) 883-5822

Please get involved! A storm drain stenciling project is a great way to spread the word throughout your community to take action to prevent water pollution and maintain a clean environment. You, your neighbors and your entire community can help prevent water pollution by stenciling/inlet marking the storm drains in your neighborhood with the "Don't Dump – Chesapeake Bay Drainage." Stenciling serves as a visual reminder to your neighbors that anything dumped in the storm drain contaminates the Chesapeake Bay.
The County will help you design a storm drain stenciling/inlet marking project that can be accomplished with any size team or age group. You supply the volunteers and the County will provide the supplies which may include DoE participation.  To begin planning your project, call the Department of the Environment at (301) 883-5829.

Volunteer Neighborhood Cleanup Program

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The Volunteer Neighborhood Cleanup Program is a community-sponsored volunteer program that enables the Department of the Environment to partner with civic and homeowner associations, local businesses and nonprofit organizations. It is geared toward small and medium communities.Projects under this program include neighborhood cleanups and stream cleanups. The Sustainability Services Division provides each interested community with technical assistance and materials such as trash bags, gloves, and may also include roll off containers depending on availability

Communities interested in participating in the Volunteer Neighborhood Cleanup Program can call (301) 883-5822.

Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program

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The Department of the EnvironmentComprehensive Cleanup Program is designed to revitalize, enhance, and maintain unincorporated areas of the County. During the spring and fall seasons, County staff work with organized civic and homeowners associations to provide a concentrated focus of cleanup and maintenance services to the community over a two-week period.
If your community is scheduled for a cleanup, you will receive a brochure from your civic or homeowners association or there will be information in your local newsletter.

The services that will be performed by DoE and the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) during your two-week scheduled cleanup are as follows:



Performed by

Tagging of Abandoned Vehicles Monday, Week 1 DPIE
Removal of Abandoned Vehicles Anytime after 48 hours DPIE
Bulky Trash Collection (includes large household items not normally collected by the regular trash contractor such as furniture, refrigerators, washing machines, hot water heaters, and other similar items) Tuesday, Week 2 DoE
Storm Drain Water Quality Testing Wednesday, Week 2 DoE
Housing Code/Zoning Ordinance Violation Survey Thursday, Week 2 DPIE
Roadside Litter Survey During the two-week period DPW&T
Tree Trimming Survey During the two-week period DPW&T
Storm Drainage Maintenance Survey During the two-week period DPW&T

More details about this program can be found at the following link: Fact Sheet

For more information on the Comprehensive Community Cleanup Program, contact your civic or homeowners association or call the Sustainability Services Division at (301) 883-7164. You may also email the Program Manager at

ReLeaf Grant Program

(301) 883-5802 or (301) 883-5822

Prince George's County has a program to help communities and municipalities "turn green" with trees. The ReLeaf Grant Program provides landscape funding to community organizations and municipalities for planting projects in public spaces. All community groups are encouraged to apply. Projects that have received funding in the past include tree plantings within parks and playgrounds, memorial plantings, tree plantings along streets and reforestation projects along streams. The County encourages planting low-maintenance, native-tree species that thrive in Maryland’s climate and are resistant to the effects of drought.

Two options are available for funding.  Communities that wish to organize and implement projects using volunteer labor are eligible to receive reimbursement for 100 percent of their expenses. Groups that choose to hire a contractor for tree planting can receive reimbursement for up to 50 percent of the contract cost. Grant funding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be used only for costs associated with tree and shrub planting. Small community-based projects are eligible to receive up to $5,000 per project and municipalities are eligible for up to $10,000 per project.

Community groups and municipalities interested in the ReLeaf Grant Program should submit a formal letter requesting funding along with a ReLeaf Grant Application. Applications should be submitted at least six months prior to the proposed planting date and special consideration is given to cost-effective proposals. To request a ReLeaf Grant Application or to receive assistance in improving your proposal or designing your project, please call the County at (301) 883-5802.  You may also email the Program Manager, Mojisola Banjoko at


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