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The Sustainability Services Division (SSD) is involved in a number of programs associated with environmental restoration and flood protection projects. SSD ensures that development projects will meet environmental concerns and the required codes, while at the same time making sure that the process is applied fairly and practically. Working closely with communities and Federal/State agencies governing environment stewardship, SSD works to address countywide flooding issues and improve the water quality of stormwater runoff.

Watershed Implementation Plan II – This CIP is new and created in FY13 to meet the mandates of the County’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and Watershed Implementation Plan II targets. Restoring 30 percent of the countywide untreated (no SWM) impervious area is one of the targets.

SSD is involved in many construction projects that include small corrective drainage projects and large community revitalization initiatives.

Bond Default Program

The Bond Default Program provides a source of funds on defaulted permit bonds held by the County to complete private activity projects, such as stormwater management facilities, and sediment/erosion control measures, roads, site grading, public works, etc. This fund will be used in cases of permit bond default and where the private activities must be completed to eliminate public health and safety hazards.

COE County Restoration Program

This Program involves participation with the US Army Corps of Engineers for the design and construction of environmental enhancement and flood control facilities within Prince George’s County. Projects include, but are not limited to, planning and design for levee improvements, water quality measures, wetland creation, reforestation and fish blockage removal in Anacostia, Western Branch, Patuxent and Northwest Branch, and other County watersheds.

Laurel Lakes Dredging

This CIP is for the Dredging of the Upper Laurel Lake. Additional money allocated in budget may be utilized for additional restoration projects to be performed in Bear Branch watershed.

Developer Participation Program​

The Program will provide the County’s contribution to developer participation projects that may be identified under the Stormwater Permit Review Process.

Emergency Response Program

The Program will facilitate the design and construction of unanticipated projects which require immediate implementation due to emergency conditions affecting the public health, safety or welfare.

Endangered Structure Acquisition Program

The Program provides for the acquisition of residential properties within the 100-year floodplain and floodprone and/or at-risk properties due to unforeseen natural conditions/disaster (i.e., slope failure, stream erosion, etc.). Subsequent to acquisition, environmental restoration and economic revitalization measures can be implemented.

Environmental Protection Program

The Program represents a comprehensive effort to plan, design and build new or retrofit existing stormwater management facilities and rehabilitate streams and wetlands to improve communities and correct serious water quality programs such as erosion, point and non-point source pollutant discharge and thermal pollution.

Environmental Restoration Program

This Program entails the use of new and creative technologies to monitor, model, restore and protect the environment in highly urbanized settings and throughout all County watersheds. Projects include the implementation of Low-Impact Development (LID) technology to retrofit urban hydrology to pre-development condition, bioretention facilities, stormwater retrofits, wetland creation, stream restoration and other environmental projects.

Flood Protection and Drainage Improvement Program

This Program consists of flood protection and drainage relief projects. Eligible projects will correct/relieve home flooding, alleviate road flooding and correct residential yard drainage deficiencies. Also included are municipal participation projects, storm drain acceptance projects, levee renovation, levee recertification and flood warning systems. When possible, water quality enhancements are incorporated. Rights-of-ways from property owners directly benefiting from project improvements must be obtained at no cost to the County.

SWM Reconstruction Program

This Program is administrated by the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) and will design, reconstruct and rehabilitate existing public SWM facilities that have reached end of life and require construction.

Major Reconstruction Program

This Program is administered by the Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) and will redesign, reconstruct, and rehabilitate major drainage and flood control projects throughout the County.

Municipal Participation Program (MPP)

This Program is available to all municipalities within Prince George’s County except the City of Bowie. It provides reimbursement for the planning, design, and construction related costs for a proposed improvement to an existing inadequate storm drain system. The proposed improvement must be a component of a municipal road improvement project. Once a municipality identifies an area that would qualify for inclusion as a MPP, an official request is sent to the Director of the Department of Environmental Resources for consideration. Municipalities interested in getting more information on the MPP should call (301) 883-5906.

Point of Contact: Dan Rybak (301) 883-5980

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