Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the MBE Program?

Answer: The MBE Program's goal is to ensure at least 30% of the total dollar value of all country contracts are spent with County certified registered Minority Business Enterprises.

What is the Prince George's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program?

Answer: The MBE Program is comprised of five major components:
a) Procurement Assistance
b) Business Development
c) Certification & Registration
d) Education & Training
e) Supplier Advocacy

What is a MBE?

Answer: A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is a firm that is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled on a daily basis by one or more minority individuals.

Who is considered a minority individual?

Answer: The County legislation defines minority individuals as those from the following groups: African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Females and Hispanic Americans.

What initiatives does the County have to provide assistance to MBEs?

Answer: a) MBE Procurement Assistance;
b) Business Development
c) MBE certification
d) Education & Training

What are the advantages of certification?

Answer: There are several advantages:

  1. MBE Certification enhances the company's exposure to prime contractors and subcontractors in the business community.
  2. It allows the MBEs to be more competitive.
  3. It provides the MBE with the tool to compete with the larger firms, through the "Bonus Point System", they receive in the bidding process.
  4. Through certification, the County may utilize competition between MBEs only which is designated by the County officials as a "Restricted" bid.
  5. It provides the opportunity to fulfill the County's 20% subcontracting requirements for construction contracts.

Does Prince George's County contract with diverse suppliers?

Answer: Yes. In reviewing and evaluating supplier responses to Request for Proposals, Prince George's County will seek the most qualified bidder considering, among other things, the diversity of the bidder as a component in the process.

What are the benefits of being registered in MBDD's supplier database?

Answer: The database serves as the repository for prospective supplier registration data. It also gives you access to the most up-to-date information as it relates to the minority business community. Registration provides you the opportunity to be listed in the MBDD Directory and present your company's information to prospective buyers, and prime and subcontractors. The database will be used to participate in procurement opportunities when appropriate.

What is a Federal Tax ID number?

Answer: Visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury/IRS website at for information on Federal Tax IDs.

How can I get started doing business with the County?

Answer: All companies must start by registering their name into the County's Procurement System, by completing a Vendor/MBE Online Registration. Contact the Contract Administration and Procurement Division at (301) 883-6400 or at
Minority Owned businesses interested in getting certified as MBEs must contact the Minority Business Development Division at (301) 883-6480 for more detailed information on the certification process. This information is also available on the website.

What types of work is available?

Answer: Opportunities to participate as a prime and subcontractor are available in construction, construction-related work, the procurement of commodities and professional services. Minority participation is encouraged in all procurement opportunities.

How does the procurement system operate in the County?

Answer: The bulk of the County’s procurement is done by formal competitive sealed bids and proposals. The County also uses written quotation and credit cards for small informal procurement.

How can we learn about contracting opportunities in the County?

Answer: Contracting opportunities are posted on the County’s website. The County also advertises in local papers of record: Prince George’s Post, The Sentinel. and the Enquirer Gazette.

Can I do business with the County without being certified?

Answer: Yes. With the exception of “restricted” bids. The County is open for everyone participation in the procurement process. However, you will not claim the advantages of the MBE Program if the County does not certify you as a MBE.

Once certified, can a firm be assured of getting contracts and subcontracts?

Answer: No. Certification does not guarantee work to any minority firm. All Bids and RFPs are competitive. To be successful, a firm must market itself, its personnel and services, as any good business must. Certification, however, will provide more exposure to your firm as well as the ability to become a subcontractor.

Does the prime contractor have any responsibility in the MBE Program?

Answer: Yes. The prime contractor must first meet the goals established on the contract by seeking out and utilizing certified MBE firms. The general contractor is responsible for all project