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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act”?
A: The new law that has been created for the purpose of enhancing the County’s economic development.  CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” creates bidding preferences and participation requirements for County-based businesses and County-based small businesses on certain procurement contracts for goods and services with the County.

Q: When does CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” go into effect?
A: CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” is effective as of July 1, 2013.

Q: Who is the CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” going to benefit?
A: The CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” is going to benefit both businesses and residents in Prince George’s County.  County-based, County-based small, local MBE’s and out-of-county MBE’s will benefit mainly from increased bonus factors.  Residents will benefit mainly from the increase in jobs via the First Source Registry to be maintained by the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation’s Workforce Services Division.

Q: How will people know where to register/apply for the First Source Registry?
A: The marketing will be increased and spread via posters and announcements throughout the library system, schools and town halls meetings.

Q: What is the obligation of the bidder to stay local after being certified?
A: All certifications must be renewed annually; SD3 will conduct site visits and interviews; reviewing financial documents will be a routine process; other procedures are to be determined.

Q: How are procurements being tracked in each agency?
A: OIT will be analyzing the GEAC System.

Q: How is the success of the business measured pertaining to Local status to remain qualified for certification purposes?  Some County-based businesses do business outside of the County.
A: 51% or greater of the company’s assets or revenue have to be generated within Prince Georges County.

Q: Are there certain contracts in Prince Georges County that will be exempt from the CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act”?
A: No, all projects in Prince Georges County will have to abide by the new law, including development procurements.

Q: What is the thought process behind this law if smaller businesses no longer have an advantage?
A:  The overall goal of CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” is to help all local business to be able to stimulate economic growth within Prince Georges County.

Q:  Under what circumstance would a business be granted a waiver with regard to CB-17-2011 “Jobs First Act” requirements?
A: The Purchasing Agent (or designee) will determine whether or not the business has met its “best efforts” pending a review of a written submission from the business.  The written submission should explain how the business tried to meet the requirements of the new law and reasons why the requirements were not met.