MBE Supplier Directory

We are pleased to present the Prince George’s County Minority Business Development Directory of over 600 certified minority-owned companies as of October, 2013.

This Directory is accessible to everyone electronically and we hope that it will be a tool used by both minority and non-minority companies, as well as government agencies, quasi-government organizations and private individuals who want to use the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) companies as providers of goods and services.

The Supplier Development & Diversity Division advocates the use of the MBE firms as contractors and subcontractors for all types of projects. We believe that the MBE’s have the capability and expertise to deliver excellent services as well as products through their day to day operations. Our efforts are geared toward the use of these MBE firms to achieve and surpass the County’s procurement goal of 30% MBE participation.

Click the links below to download a copy of the Supplier Directories

Download the MBE Supplier Directory by Industry

Download the MBE Supplier Directory by Alphabetical Listing

Download the County-based Supplier Directory by Business Category

Download the County-based Supplier Directory by Alphabetical Listing