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Prince George’s County Supplier Diversity Division: 2014 Outreach Calendar

For Immediate Release: 7/31/2014 4:40 PM

Contact: Denise Roberts - Outreach Program Manager - Supplier Development & Diversity Division - 301-883-6480—office, 240-417-8013—mobile

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LARGO, MD –The Prince George’s County Supplier Development & Diversity Division (SDDD) will launch a new training series, “BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESSFUL CONTRACT WINS” on Thursday, July 31, 2014.  The new program is designed to give firms interested in government contracting a blueprint for how to win and sustain government contracts.  Thursday is the first of four sessions to assist small, minority and disadvantaged as well as veteran businesses.

Blueprint to Successful Contract Wins is designed to help educate vendors and prepare them to successfully compete for the opportunities coming to Prince George’s County and throughout the region,” said Supplier Development & Diversity Division Acting Executive Director Sharon Moore Jackson. “Often times, we find that businesses are not fully educated on the County’s procurement process, which can result in fewer contract awards for local and minority firms.  With this series, we want to help change that outcome.”

Below are descriptions of the four sessions.  The sessions are free and open to the public.  Participants can register at  For more information, contact Denise Roberts at 301-883-6480. 

July 31: 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

How to Respond to a Prince George’s County RFP

The Supplier Development & Diversity Division is launching a new series, “BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESSFUL CONTRACT WINS,” with our most popular hands-on, interactive training focused on “How to Respond to a Prince George’s County Request for Proposal (RFP)”.

This workshop is focused on providing established businesses with the elements of a Prince George’s County RFP and how to effectively respond and submit a proposal.

 Participants will be trained on:

  •          The different components of an RFP
  •          How to respond to an RFP
  •          How to avoid mistakes and overcome common challenges, and
  •          How proposals are evaluated

The featured speakers for this event are Leslie Jackson-Jenkins and Marie Day of the Contract Administration and Procurement Division for the Prince George’s County Government.


Location:                1801 McCormick Drive

First Floor Conference Room, Largo, MD 20774


August 21: 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT! - Understanding Basic Pricing Principles for Cost Proposals

Please join SDDD for THE PRICE IS RIGHT, the 2nd of a 4-part series, “BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESSFUL CONTRACT WINS.” This FREE workshop will provide established businesses with pricing strategies to complement their technical submittals.  This event is designed to teach business owners how to price winning bids.

 Participants will be trained on:

  •          The different contract types
  •          Basic cost and price principles
  •          Cost allocations and basic cost elements
  •          Basic estimating & pricing assumptions
  •          Tools to price competitively, and much more.


The featured speaker for this event is Tami Mullen of nTuitive nGen.

 Location:                Bowie Branch Library, 15210 Annapolis Road

Bowie, MD 20715


September 17: 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Understanding Your Bonding Capacity & Financing Your Contract

Part Three of “BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESSFUL CONTRACT WINS” offers expert advice for small business owners on positioning your business to be bankable with the “Understanding Your Bonding Capacity & Financing Your Contract” workshop.

This event will provide tools to assist business owners with securing adequate financing for contracts.  Business experts will train you on the following:

  •          What a lender needs to fund your project
  •          Preparing a business financial proposal
  •          Preparing a working capital budget
  •          And how to get bonded!


The featured speakers for this event are Loretta Fuller of Insurance Solutions Associates, Inc.; Christopher Mills of Columbia Bank; and Shelly Gross-Wade, President and CEO, FSC First.

 Location                 1801 McCormick Drive

First Floor Conference Room, Largo, MD 20774

 October 23: 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Managing and Performing on Your Contract—The Essentials of Project Management

So, you won the contract and you have your financing in place, now what?

Part four of the “BLUEPRINT TO SUCCESSFUL CONTRACT WINS” series will outline the necessary tools of “Managing and Performing on Your Contract — The Essentials of Project Management.”

This free interactive workshop will focus on mastering the critical concepts you need to plan, execute, monitor and control, and close any type of project. Participants will be trained on the following:

  •           Defining the project scope and the role of a project manager
  •          Completing a project charter
  •          Controlling costs
  •          Assigning resources to tasks, and much more

 Location:                    Surratts-Clinton Library

                                    9400 Piscataway Road, Clinton, MD 20735


The featured speaker for this workshop is David Clark, Project Management Coach, CTS, LLC.