Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Rain Check Rebate Program?
A: The Rain Check Rebate Program allows property owners to receive rebates for installing stormwater management practices to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff. Homeowners, businesses, and non-profit entities (including housing cooperatives) can recoup some of the cost for installing practices covered by the program. This rebate program was established in 2012 through County Bill 40-2012 and is administered by the Department of the Environment (DoE).

Q: Who is eligible for a rebate under this program?
A: An applicant is eligible for a rebate as long as: 1) the project is established on property located in Prince George’s County; 2) the application for the project was approved within 12 months of the completion date; and 3) DoE inspected the completed project and found it to be in compliance with its original approved application; and 4) the project follows DoEs best practice guidelines and criteria for that type of project.

Q: What stormwater management practices are eligible for rebates?
A: Urban Tree Canopy, Rain Barrels, Cisterns, Rain Gardens, Permeable Pavement, Pavement Removal, and Green Roofs are all eligible for a rebate from Prince George’s County. To qualify for a rebate, the project must be successfully implemented on property located within Prince George’s County. All practices except for rain barrels must be approved by the County prior to installation and must follow County installation and design guidelines. Every practice must meet general eligibility criteria established by DoE. The projects listed above are the only types of stormwater retrofits that are eligible for rebates under the Rain Check Rebate Program. Applicants will not be eligible for a rebate if the project is part of the permit approval requirements for new building construction or renovations, or if the property is located within a municipality that has a similar rebate program for stormwater management projects.

Q: How much money can I expect from a rebate?
A: The rebate amounts are determined by the Rebate-Eligible practices used and cannot exceed the total cost of the project. Rebate ceilings are set at $2,000 for residential properties and $20,000 for commercial, multi-family dwellings, nonprofit entities and not-for-profit organizations.

Q: I’m concerned about maintenance of the practice once it is installed.
A: The County has developed maintenance guidelines that will be given to each applicant and are available on the Program’s website. There are also a variety of technical resources available on the Program’s website.

Q: Does the County have a list of vetted contractors that I can use to install one of these projects?
A: Yes, DoE is developing a list of qualified private and non-profit contractors that property owners may utilize to implement a stormwater retrofit project, including Prince George’s based businesses.

Q: Am I still subject to the Clean Water Act Fee if I have stormwater management practices on my property?
A: Yes, however you may be able to reduce your fee significantly by implementing best management practices that treat all or a portion of the impervious surfaces on your property. Practices eligible under this rebate program will help reduce the amount of impervious cover on a particular property, which in turn may keep your Clean Water Act Fee lower.

Q: How do I submit an application?
A: Applications can be submitted online or via paper forms downloaded from the program website or by contacting us at

Q: Where can I find more information on the program?
A: Detailed program information can be found by visiting our website. Here you can find useful information on the Rain Check Rebate Program, applications, rebates, best management practices fact sheets, and operation guidelines for maintaining your water quality improvement project.

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