Nonprofit Organization Grants

Watershed Restoration & Rehabilitation

The Department of Environmental Resources will make available grant opportunities to nonprofit organizations for up to 100% of a project’s cost for watershed restoration and rehabilitation projects relating to: 

  • Planning, design, and construction of stormwater management practices
  • Stream and wetland restoration
  • Public education and outreach related to stormwater management or stream and wetland restoration

The Department of Environmental Resources shall use a third party to develop and administer the grant program on behalf of the County. The Department will identify an annual budget to support the grant program and associated costs. Project proposals will be evaluated based on water quality improvement merits, and awards will be on a first come first served basis.

Residential Rain Barrel Program

Nonprofit organizations may also apply to the Department of Environmental Resources for a grant to fund a Residential Rain Barrel program to include:

  • Public workshops and outreach to support the use of rain barrels on residential properties
  • Purchase of 1,000 or more rain barrels to be given away for free at public workshops
  • Guidance to homeowners on installation techniques to capture 100% of the runoff from a rooftop