Permeable Pavement

Permeable Pavement IconPermeable pavement is a type of pavement that allows rainwater to pass through and soak into the soil below. Unlike conventional pavement, which is entirely impervious and causes rainwater to “run off,” permeable pavement has small pores or voids which enable water to reach the soil and groundwater beneath. Permeable pavement may be composed of any number of materials such as porous asphalt, pervious concrete, and interlocking or grass pavers. All permeable pavements have a surface pavement layer, a layer of crushed stone underneath, and a filter or fabric layer at the bottom. Permeable pavement helps:

  • Replenish groundwater resources
  • Protect against flooding
  • Prevent stream erosion
  • Improve water quality
  • Enhance community aesthetics.

For further information on permeable pavement, please refer to the fact sheet (PDF). For guidelines on how to install permeable pavement on your property, click here (PDF).