Green Roofs

Green Roof IconA green roof is a vegetated roof system that stores and detains rainwater in a soil medium. The stored water is taken up by the plants on the rooftop and released back into the atmosphere through evaporation. Therefore, a green roof will contribute much less runoff than a conventional rooftop of the same size. Green roofs provide many benefits to property owners and communities such as:

  • Helping to conserve water, prevent stream erosion, and improve water quality downstream.
  • Creating wildlife habitat.
  • Improving the aesthetics of the property, which potentially increases property values.
  • Cleaning the air and helping prevent smog.
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs, which potentially leads to significant energy savings.
  • Extending the life of the roof by protecting it from ultraviolet rays and thermal stress.

For further information on green roofs, please refer to the fact sheet (PDF). For guidelines on how to install a green roof on your property, click here (PDF).