Urban Tree Canopy

Urban Tree Canopy IconPlanting trees, especially in urban areas, is a great way to intercept rainwater before it runs off into the local stream. The trunks, leaves, and branches of trees act like sponges which soak up the rainwater and release it back into the atmosphere, rather than letting the rainwater fall directly onto the pavement and into a stream. This prevents many of the detrimental effects of urban ‘runoff’ such as stream bank scouring, water quality pollution, and habitat degradation. There are many benefits associated with the planting of trees.

  • A tree is easy to plant and inexpensive to purchase
  • Trees can increase property values and absorb sound
  • Property owners can save energy (trees protect buildings from the heat during the summer and cold during the winter)
  • Trees produce oxygen and clean polluted air
  • Water pollution, flooding, and erosion can be minimized by planting trees
  • Trees provide shade, habitat, and food for wildlife.

For further information on tree planting, please refer to the fact sheet (PDF). For guidelines on how to plant trees on your property, click here (PDF).

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