Pavement Removal

Pavement Removal IconPavement removal is the replacement of conventional asphalt or another impervious surface with native grasses and plants, or permeable pavement. This allows rainwater to seep into the ground rather than run off directly into creeks and streams, which causes erosion, degrades habitat, and contributes to poor water quality. Removing the pavement restores the natural process by which rainwater soaks into the soil to replenish groundwater. By removing pavement, a property owner can:

  • Protect water quality and reduce erosion downstream
  • Helps reduce flooding
  • Replenish groundwater resources
  • Enhances the aesthetics of a community
  • Creates wildlife habitat.

For further information on pavement removal, please refer to the fact sheet (PDF). For guidelines on how to remove pavement on your property, click here (PDF).

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