Alternative Compliance

Under the alternative compliance program, qualified tax-exempt religious organizations or other 501(c) nonprofit organizations may qualify for a reduction in the Impervious Area Fee portion of the Clean Water Act Fee for the property owned by the organization. Note, however, that the Administrative Fee ($20.58) will still apply annually to each tax account.

The following options are available to property owners interested in the alternative compliance program:

Option1: Provide Easements

What’s Involved: Property owner to participate with the County and provide a temporary right of entry agreement for the County to install Best Management Practices on property owned by the organization. To continue receiving the impervious area fee credit, installed Best Management Practices must be maintained by the property owner of record and are subject to inspection by the Department of the Environment.

Award Amount: 50% reduction in impervious area fee

Option2: Outreach and Education

Image of Urban Waters

What’s Involved: Property owner agrees to take part in the County’s outreach/education campaign to encourage other property owners to participate in the County’s Rain Check Rebate Program for restoration, and create an environmental green team or ministry.

Some examples of activities that an environmental green team/ministry could perform include:

  • Tree planting
  • Trash pick-up
  • Good housekeeping to ensure clean lots
  • On-site recycling and better waste management
  • Planting rain gardens

Award Amount: 25% reduction in impervious area fee

Option 3: Green Care and Good Housekeeping

What’s Involved: Property owner agrees to use lawn management companies that are certified in the proper use and application of fertilizers in connection with their green areas and lawns. Property owner also agrees to good housekeeping practices for ensuring clean lots.

Award Amount: 25% reduction in impervious area fee

Summary of Credits Available for Alternative Compliance

The following table summarizes the fee reduction credits available under the alternative compliance program:

​Option ​Name ​% Reduction in Impervious Area Fee
1​ Provide Easements​ 50%​
2​ Outreach and Education​ 25%​
3​ Green Care and Good Housekeeping​ 25%​

To Apply for Alternative Compliance Status

The following steps are involved in the alternative compliance application process:

Step 1: Apply for Alternative Compliance

To apply, please fill out the County’s Alternative Compliance Application Form​. Note, when signing the document, please make sure to check the box next to "Lock Document After Signing" to make sure the document is not editable after it has been signed.

Completed forms can be submitted through the CountyClick 311 website or mailed to:

Stormwater Management Division
Prince George’s County
Department of the Environment
1801 McCormick Drive, Suite 500
Largo, MD 20772

The County will respond to applications within 45 business days.

Apply online

Step 2: Schedule Consultation Visit with County's Agent

This step involves a meeting with the County’s agent (nonprofit organization to be determined) for the purpose of developing the alternative compliance plan elements and determining which option(s) are feasible to implement. An alternative compliance plan must be developed in writing and submitted to the County (see Step 3).

Step 3: Submit Alternative Compliance Plan

The third step is to submit the alternative compliance plan to the Department of the Environment. The Department will review the plan and make a final determination in writing of the amount of fee reduction credit awarded.

If you have any questions or concerns about the alternative compliance application process, please contact the Stormwater Management Division at (301) 883-5833.