Teen Court

Seun Williams, Coordinator, 301-780-7744 

Teen court is a program in which first time juvenile offenders are diverted from the auspices of the Juvenile Justice system and provided with a second chance.  These offenders are provided an opportunity to admit their guilt, and to perform various tasks as punishment for their crimes.

Who are the Parties? 

Offenders: range from ages 12-17, who have committed a nonviolent criminal misdemeanor and admit their guilt, appear for sentencing before a jury of their peers.  

Teen volunteers: perform roles of prosecuting and defense attorneys, bailiffs, clerks and jurors. Sentencing is determined solely by the teen juries. In addition, teen volunteers receive community service hours for their participation. 

District or Circuit Court Judge, Master: presides over the cases, rules on objections, instructs the jury on the law, and renders a disposition according to jury recommendations. 

When is Teen Court held? 

Teen Court is held on the first and third Thursday of every month between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:30pm in courtroom M1404.

Goals of Teen Court

  • To Hold Youth Accountable for their actions.
  • To Educate Youth on the Impact of their actions.
  • To Provide a Meaningful Forum for Youth to practice and enhance skills.
  • To Reduce Juvenile Recidivism.


Teen Court Packet 

Application and Confidentiality Form  

Teen Court Schedule

Summer Session 2013

All Teen Court Dates Occur On Thursday

No Court July 18
August 1 August 15
September 5 September 19

Check-In Time Is Promptly At 5:00 P.M. In Room M1404
You are required to dress appropriately following The Teen Court Dress Code

Important - In case of Inclement Weather
We follow the PGPS Policy for cancellation of school and community activities/ events. If Prince Georges County Schools are closed for the day, or have early release due to weather, court is cancelled for that evening.


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