District Court Division

Mary Brennan, Chief
Michael Glynn, Assistant Chief
Barbara Hughley, Administrative Assistant, 301-952-3555

District Court Calendar

The District Court Division prosecutes virtually all misdemeanor cases --approximately30,000 criminal cases annually. These cases include: drugs offenses, burglaries, jailable traffic offenses, thefts, trespass and assaults. The Division also has several specialty assignments and resources: a citizen screening division, mental health court, drug court, economic crimes, municipal infractions, and a DUI unit which also handles non-felony fatalities. The District Court Division has offices in Hyattsville and Upper Marlboro.

Shehzad Akhtar​ ​301-952-5159 ssakhtar@co.pg.md.us
Melvin Allen​ ​301-952-5156 mallen@co.pg.md.us
​Lee Bell ​301-952-2847 labell@co.pg.md.us
​Damon Brown ​301-985-3575 dabrown@co.pg.md.us
​Geonard Butler ​301-952-4565 gfbutler@co.pg.md.us
​Lisa Chacko ​301-952-3147 lmchacko@co.pg.md.us
​Denny Clark ​301-699-2753 dgclark@co.pg.md.us
​LaShanta Harris ​301-952-3545 lrharris@co.pg.md.us
​Justin Hoyt ​301-952-2863 jmhoyt2@co.pg.md.us
​Nancy Lineman ​301-952-3471 nclineman@co.pg.md.us
​Geovanny Martinez ​301-952-2865 gemartinez@co.pg.md.us
​Karyne Messina ​301-952-5172 kcmessina@co.pg.md.us
​Tom O'Gorman ​301-952-3536 tfogorman@co.pg.md.us
​Joel Patterson ​301-952-5446 jtpatterson@co.pg.md.us
​Seun Williams ​301-952-4552 sowilliams@co.pg.md.us
Mary Waldron​ ​301-780-7727 mgwaldron@co.pg.md.us
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