Vulnerable Adult Indicators

Vulnerable Adult - Any adult who lacks the physical or mental capacity to provide for the his/her daily needs.

Abuse - The sustaining of any physical injury by a vulnerable adult as a result of cruel or inhumane treatment or as a result of a malicious act by any person.

  • Indicators - bruises or welts, burns, abrasions on legs and arms, fractures, sprains, lacerations, internal injuries (unexplained reported pain), history of similar injuries, injuries caused by cutting , poking, biting, being restrained.

Neglect - the willful deprivation of adequate food, clothing, medical treatment, or habilitative therapy, shelter or supervision from a vulnerable adult.

  • Indicators - poor, hygiene,hunger, malnutrition, dehydration, skin disorders or rashes, untreated bedsores, untreated injuries or medical problems, lack of clean or unsuitable clothing, absence of prescribed medication, left alone-unsupervised, no food in home, weight loss.

Self Neglect - the inability of a vulnerable adult to provide for his/her physical or mental health and well-being, and the absence of which impairs or threatens the vulnerable adult’s well-being.

  • Indicators - same as neglect but can include: absence of necessities in home (including food, water, or heat), unsanitary or unsafe living conditions, confusion, wandering, cannot remember when he or she ate.

Exploitation - any action which involves the misuse of a vulnerable adult’s funds, property, or person.

  • Indicators
  1. unusual volume or type of banking activity, or activity inconsistent with the victim’s normal behavior or ability,
  2. non-payment of bills leading to eviction notices or threats to discontinue utilities,
  3. changes to legal documents such as deeds or powers of attorney that the person did not understand at the time he or she signed them,
  4. missing assets or funds,
  5. suspicious signatures on checks or other documents,
  6. unexplained withdrawals from or transfers between accounts,
  7. sexually transmitted disease,
  8. unwanted or non-consensual touching, sexual advances/behaviors with a vulnerable adult.