Civil Operations FAQ

​What should plaintiffs do in order to ensure proper service of civil papers?

  • Allow at least 30 days for service;
  • Provide the original true-test copy from the courts and 1 additional copy for service along with any pertinent information at the time of payment.
  • Ensure that the address for service is located in Prince George’s County, MD.

The fee for In-State Papers (originator of paper for service located in the State of Maryland) is $40.00, cash or money order payable to

Office of the Sheriff, Prince George’s County, MD.

The fee for Out-of-State Papers (originator of paper for service located outside the State of Maryland) is $60.00, money order or check payable to

Office of the Sheriff, Prince George’s County, MD.

What is the role of the Sheriff’s Office during Landlord and Tenant cases?

Sheriff’s deputies do not represent either property owners or the tenants in landlord/tenant matters. The deputy serves as an impartial third party and is only present as the enforcement arm of the courts, to ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected during the enforcement of the order.

As a matter of policy, the Sheriff’s Office does not enforce eviction orders if inclement weather (snow or rain) is occurring at the start of enforcement. The court may also choose to “stay” (temporarily put on hold) the enforcement of the order if the high temperature on the day of enforcement is not expected go above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When repossession of any property has started, it cannot be stopped until completed.

What is the role of the property owner during Landlord and Tenant cases?

When the court issues a Warrant of Restitution (eviction order), a copy is mailed to both the property owner and the tenant. THE ORIGINAL IS MAILED TO THE OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF, as it is the only enforceable copy. The Sheriff's Office will contact the plaintiff, at the phone number listed on the writ, when the eviction has been assigned a date.

Deputies only enforce orders that reflect the true legal address of the premises. The address of your complaint and all pertinent court documents must be accurate and complete; any orders bearing discrepancies in the address CANNOT be enforced.

The address must be clearly displayed on the property. The address on the outside of the building must the same as the address on the warrant of restitution. If the building contains more than one residence or office, each must be clearly identifiable to deputies serving the order. Apartment complexes must include the name of the apartment building and a phone number to the rental office.

A day time phone number and a contact person on the warrant of restitution are needed to assist us in scheduling evictions.

What happens when the eviction is scheduled?

Sufficient amount personnel are required to remove the tenant’s property during an eviction to the nearest public roadway or area designated by the deputy. THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE DOES NOT RECOMMEND EVICTION SERVICES.

Minimum staffing must be available when the deputy arrives to enforce the order. Any deputy may cancel a scheduled service of the order if it is determined that the crew is insufficient or fails to meet minimum staffing requirement. If the eviction is canceled, you will be required to re-file your the action in court.

The minimum staffing requirements are as follows

  • 10 persons (1 bedroom apartment) 12 persons (2 bedroom apartment)
  • 15 persons (3 bedroom apartment)
  • 20 persons (single family home)
  • 25 persons (businesses)

Please do not enter the property prior to the deputy’s arrival, as the deputy must be the first person to enter the premises on the day of enforcement. The deputy will cancel the eviction, and you will have to re-file the action with the court if it is determined that you entered property.

If the tenant moves or satisfies the judgment, please contact us to cancel the enforcement.

  • Important Numbers

Sheriff’s Landlord and Tennant 301-780-6135

District Court Clerk 301 699-2789
Property Standards 301 883-6100
Tenant/Landlord Hotline 410 243-6007 or 1-800 487-6007


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