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Bureau of Administration and Support Services

 Assistant Sheriff
 Lieutenant Colonel Orlando D. Barnes 
 Bureau of Administration Bureau Chief

The Assistant Sheriff, Bureau of Administration and Support Services,  is an executive level position under the direct leadership of the Chief Assistant Sheriff. The Assistant Sheriff for this bureau is responsible for overseeing the agency’s administrative and logistical functions to include recruiting and hiring, background investigations, training, vehicle maintenance, supply and technical services, and the agency’s budget.


Training & Personnel Division

The Recruitment Section: Coordinates with the County’s Public Safety Investigations Unit (PSI) to select qualified applicants for sworn and civilian positions. The PSI staff conducts background investigations, applicant interviews, and pre-employment physical and written testing 

The Employee Services Section: Establishes and maintains personnel files and benefit packages for all agency employees. This section also ensures that every agency member is properly classified, compensated, and in compliance with federal and county employment regulations.

The Training Section: Responsible for administering, coordinating, and recording all training exercises involving agency personnel. Deputies are required by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission to successfully complete six months of entrance level training at an accredited Maryland Police Academy. Upon completion of the Police Academy, deputies are required to complete an annual minimum of 18 hours of “in-service” training to maintain certification as law enforcement officers.

The Armorer/Range Master: Responsible for the inspection, safekeeping, maintenance, inventory and replacement of agency weapons. The armorer is also responsible for coordinating the agency’s annual firearms requalification.

Planning, Research and Development Division 

Responsible for creating and modifying the agency’s policies and procedures, as contained in the agency’s General Orders Manual. Personnel assigned to this division are also responsible for the planning, research, and strategic development for agency initiatives. Additionally, this division is responsible for managing the agency’s accreditation program through the Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)

Budget and Finance Division

The Budget Section: Responsible for the preparation and administration of the agency’s finances. The Budget section develops the annual Operating Budget for General Funds and Grants, and analyzes the agency’s fiscal affairs.

The Finance Section: Responsible for coordinating the agency’s payroll and for the preparation of monthly billing and maintenance of the agency’s accounts receivables.

The Procurement Section: Monitors and approves purchase requisitions for agency goods and services. The Procurement Section also coordinates with the agency’s Supply Services Section to finalize the ordering and payment for agency necessities.

The Grants Management Section: Coordinates agency grant administration and ensures that quarterly and annual reports outlining usage of grant funds are submitted in accordance to procedures.

The Risk Management Section: Processes and maintains all case files for Worker’s Compensation claims for injured employees.

Asset Management Division

The Technical Services Section: Responsible for the maintenance and service requests for all agency computer networks, security video equipment, telephone systems, and technical equipment. 

The Vehicle Services Section: Responsible for the distribution, inspection and maintenance of the agency’s fleet of vehicles. The section also ensures that each vehicle is properly equipped and up to date with the newest technology. 

The Property and Supply Services Section: Responsible for the distribution of all agency property, equipment and supplies. The staff also assists agency employees with purchase requests and in obtaining emergency equipment items.


Specialized Operations Division

  • The Specialized Services Team (SST)
  • The Witness Protection Unit
  • The K-9 Unit
  • The Motors Unit
  • The Civil Disturbance Unit
  • The Hostage Negotiations Unit
  • The Color Guard/Honor Guard Unit
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