Gold Medal of Valor

Mauricio Casanova
Cpl. Mauricio Casanova

Corporal Mauricio Casanova was awarded the Gold Medal of Valor and Deputy Sheriff of the Year for his bravery and decisive actions during an April 2012, shooting. Casanova, along with members from the Sheriff?s Landlord and Tenant Division responded to a residence in Hyattsville to execute a court ordered eviction. As deputies attempted to enter the residence they were met with resistance from the homeowner, and the situation turned volatile.

Fearing for their safety, deputies discharged their firearms as they moved to positions of cover. As shots were fired, Casanova noticed the locksmith, who had been on the scene to assist deputies with entry into the home, scrambling to get out of the line of fire. Casanova, without regard for his own personal safety, left his position of cover, ran to the locksmith and covered him with his own body until the shooting stopped.

Silver Medal of Valor

Daniel Hardester
Daniel Hardester
Dwayne Stevenson
Deputy Sheriff
Dwayne Stevenson
Ricardo Denni
Deputy Sheriff
Ricardo Dennis

Corporal Daniel Hardester and Privates Ricardo Dennis and Dwayne Stevenson were on the scene of a domestic violence call when they heard screams for help coming from across the street.  They noticed smoke coming from the rear of a single-family home and, without hesitation, entered the residence to search for occupants. The deputies safely evacuated three children and an adult from the residence, preventing a potentially tragic situation.

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