Homeownership Assistance Program

​Staff Assistance


9200 Basil Court
Suite 504
Largo, MD 20774
Website: http://redevelopment.mypgc.us
General Information: 301.883.5456

Howard W. Ways, AICP
Executive Director
Email: hwways@co.pg.md.us

Rosalyn B. Clemens
Program Manager for NSP, MY HOME Programs
Email: rbclemens@co.pg.md.us

La Trecia Jones
Customer Service Rep. Admin.
Office: 301.883.7323
Email: lajones1@co.pg.md.us

Rachel Toker
Office 301.883.7312
Email: Rtoker@co.pg.md.us

Alexander Dossen
Compliance Monitor
Office: 301.883.7408
Email: aydossen@co.pg.md.us

Erin McLaughlin
Lead Loan Processor
Office: 301.883.7327
Email: emclaughlin@co.pg.md.us

Cheryl Roberts
Loan Processor
Office: 301.883.7409
Email:  croberts@co.pg.md.us

PJ Gardner
Settlement Coordinator
Office: 301.883.7406
Email: pjgardner@co.pg.md.us

Prince George’s County Association of Realtors
9200 Basil Court, Suite 400
Largo, MD 20774
Website: www.pgcar.com
Phone: 301.306.7900

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Maryland Mortgage Program
100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD 21032
Phone: 1.800.638.7781
Website: www.mmprogram.org

For verification of license status of Real Estate Professionals Contact:
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations
500 North Calvert Street, Suite 401
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410.230.6001
Website: www.dllr.state.md.us

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