The Redevelopment Authority develops, redevelops, revitalizes and preserves targeted communities with an emphasis on communities within the Beltway in support of the County Executive’s priorities of community development, transit-oriented development, and affordable housing.

The strategies to accomplish the objective will include:

  1. Acquire vacant and underutilized commercial and residential properties for development in targeted areas;
  2. Ensure that financing is secured for all projects;
  3. Obtain required approvals for all development plans;
  4. Partnering with non-profit and for-profit entities.

To facilitate catalytic economic development and expand and diversify the County’s tax base, the Redevelopment Authority partners with non-profit, for-profit and other government entities.

The Redevelopment Authority also provides support to the County Executive’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative through its redevelopment and revitalization efforts as a means of spurring economic and community development.