Metro Bus/Rail


Prince George's County, in conjunction with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), operates more than 70 bus routes in the County. Metrobus serves most major population centers and travel corridors in the County, providing more than 2,600 trips daily. Easy-to-spot red, white and blue signs identify Metrobus stops.

For specific details about Metrobus service, call Metro's Sales and Information Service at 202-637-7000 (6:00 AM to 11:30 PM, 7 days a week); TDD 202-638-3780, or visit the Metrobus section of WMATA’s website.

Timetables and Route Maps

Metrobus timetables include route maps, fare information and times when buses pass certain schedule points. You can obtain timetables online at the WMATA website or by calling 202-637-7000. All individual route maps and schedules can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To plan your next Metrobus trip, you can visit WMATA's The Trip Planner. The Trip Planner asks you where you're starting, and when and where you want to go. Then it finds the best way for you to get there using Metrobus and Metrorail.

Prince George’s County residents can purchase a “National Capital Regional One Day Bus Pass” from drivers of Prince George's County TheBus, Laurel Connect-A-Ride, Montgomery County Ride-On or Metrobus. This One Day Bus Pass enables the user to ride on local bus services in the region for the day purchased. For additional information, call 301-883-5656.

Special Fare Information

Senior citizens (65 years or older) can obtain discounted fares using a Metro Senior SmarTrip Card. SmarTrip cards are available at County libraries. Please call 301-699-3500 or TDD 301-808-2061 for the location of the library nearest you.

Persons with disabilities who meet preset qualifications can obtain Metro Disability ID Cards at the Metro sales offices at 600 5th Street, N.W. They also can purchase Metrorail farecards at a reduced rate. Please call 202-637-7000 or TDD 202-638-3780 for specific details.


Metrorail, operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), currently serves 86 stations throughout the area along 106 miles of track, much of it underground. The system consists of five color-coded lines: blue, green, orange, red and yellow. The lines intersect at various points, making it possible for passengers to change trains and travel anywhere on the system.

There are currently fifteen Metrorail stations in Prince George's County

  • Capitol Heights (Blue Line)
  • Addison Road (Blue Line)
  • Cheverly (Orange Line)
  • Landover (Orange Line)
  • New Carrollton (Orange Line)
  • West Hyattsville (Green Line)
  • Prince George's Plaza (Green Line)
  • College Park (Green Line)
  • Greenbelt (Green Line)
  • Southern Avenue (Green Line)
  • Naylor Rod (Green Line)
  • Suitland (Green Line)
  • Branch Avenue (Green Line)
  • Morgan Boulevard (Blue Line
  • Largo Town Center (Blue Line)
    • SmarTrip© - Metrobus and Metrorail also accepts SmarTrip© cards -- permanent, rechargeable farecards. Similar to credit cards, plastic SmarTrip cards are embedded with a computer chip that keeps track of the value of the card. Click here to learn more or to purchase fares online
      SmartBenefits - SmartBenefits are available to employees of Federal and private sector employers who participate in this program. Under this program, employees can receive public transportation benefits, tax free, from their employer, up to a maximum of $230.00 per month. For additional information, visit the WMATA website or call 202-962-1326.

      For additional information concerning the SmarTrip card, the SmartBenefits Program, senior and disabled fares, hours of operation, schedules, parking, transfers, passes and fare information, visit the WMATA website or call on 202-637-7000 (TDD 202-638-3780).