About DPW&T

Darrell B. Mobley
Acting Director
Department of Public Works and Transportation
9400 Peppercorn Place, Suite 300
Largo, Maryland  20774

(301) 883-5600

The Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) is responsible for nearly 2,000 miles of County-maintained roadways that range from rural to urban classifications.  The transportation infrastructure includes 900 bridges, as well as shoulders, sidewalks, curbs/gutters, stormwater management facilities, driveway aprons and nearly 3,000 acres of grassy area, all of which are maintained by staff of the Department. 

However, roads alone do not and cannot solve the ever present and expanding need for enhanced mobility.  To address the public’s mobility needs, Prince George’s County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation offers a variety of transit options.   

The County’s ridership on Metrorail and Metrobus is among the highest in the region, and in addition to these modes, the Department operates the local TheBus, Call-A-Bus and Call-A-Cab programs.  Staff also works local municipalities to assist them in providing a Call-A-Bus Program within their respective jurisdictions.  These transportation options are consistently evaluated to identify improvements that will make the services more convenient and accessible for utilization by current and future residents.

DPW&T’s workforce keeps the County’s various services moving by performing a myriad of activities among which include removing snow and ice from County-maintained roadways, upgrading traffic signals, installing street lights, clearing fallen trees, unclogging drainage inlets and maintaining stormwater management facilities, as well as performing roadway repairs ranging from potholes and sidewalk trip hazards to bridge repairs and resurfacing projects, as well as everything else in between. 

Prince George’s County is a dynamic, vital and great place in which to live, work, worship and play.  DPW&T will continue to provide professional and timely services to ensure a well-maintained and supportive transportation infrastructure system for all users. ​

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