Red Light Enforcement

Failure to obey traffic signals is one of the primary causes of crashes at intersections. According to preliminary estimates by the Federal Highway Administration in 2001there were approximately 218,000 crashes at intersections that are caused by drivers who run red lights.

 In an effort to remedy this national epidemic, The State of Maryland passed a law in April 1997 that went into effect in October 1997 (Transportation Article 21-202.1) that allows the use of Automated Enforcement by law enforcement agencies. Automated Enforcement detects and identifies violators of the law without the dependency of a police presence. This allows police officers to focus on other urgent community needs. In addition, Automated Enforcement is proven to reduce the number of red light violations by 40 percent.

As we continue to strive to reduce motor vehicle collisions, especially those occurring at intersections, the Prince George's County Police Department has implemented the latest new camera technology used for red light safety.  These cameras have the ability to record multiple violations occurring at the same time.  The cameras capture clear photos of the violating vehicles along with a 12-second video clip of the violations.  With this new technology, in addition to our current enforcement of the steady red signal, we will also conduct enforcement of the Maryland Traffic Law 21-202, right turn on red without stopping.  These cameras only activate after the traffic signal has turned red.  The Police Department is in the process of changing out the older red light cameras and replacing with the new technology red light cameras.  

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Red Light Enforcement FAQ's

Prince George’s County implemented its Red Light Enforcement program in March 2000.

Camera Locations

Route 410 @ Route 450Northbound
Route 410 @ 64th AvenueEastbound
Route 410 @ Ager RoadWestbound
Adelphi Rd @ Route 212 (Riggs Rd)Northbound
Route 301 @ Pointer Ridge DriveNorthbound
Route 450 @ Route 3
Route 301 @ Governor Bridge RoadNorthbound
Route 301 @ Pointer Ridge DriveSouthbound
Route 450 @ Princess Garden ParkwayWestbound
Route 458 @ Marlboro PikeNorthbound
Route 458 @ Marlboro PikeSouthbound
Marlboro Pike @ Route 458 (Silver Hill Rd)Northbound
Marlboro Pike @ Route 458 (Silver Hill Rd)Southbound
Route 210 @ Kerby Hill RoadSouthbound
Route 210 @ Farmington RdSouthbound
Route 210 (Indian Head Hwy) @ Route 373 (Accokeek Rd)Southbound
Winson Drive @ Route 414 (St. Barnabas Rd)Eastbound
Route 5/301 @ Cedarville RoadNorthbound
Route 301 @ Old Indian Head RoadNorthbound
Route 301 @ South Osborne RoadSouthbound
Route 223 @ Old Branch AvenueWestbound
Route 5/301 @ McKendree RoadSouthbound
Allentown Road @ Temple Hills RoadEastbound
Allentown Road @ Brinkley RoadEastbound
Marlboro Pike @ Donnell DriveWestbound
Marlboro Pike @ Brooks DriveEastbound
Iverson Street @ 23rd PlaceWestbound
Sheriff Road @ Village Green DriveWestbound
Suitland Road @ Regency ParkwayNorthbound
Old Baltimore Pike @ Ammendale RoadNorthbound
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