False Alarm Reduction Unit

​The Prince George's County Council passed the Burglar and Holdup Alarm Legislation, Section 9-130 through 141 (PDF) of the county code, on July 1, 1996 to reduce the amount of false alarms. False alarms often cause unnecessary safety risks to emergency responders as well as citizens during a response. The Prince George's County Police Department responded to over 77,000 burglar and holdup alarms in the year 2003. Over 98% of the alarms received were verified false. The Prince George's County Police, False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) has a goal to educate the public and reduce this amount. Reducing this number will free up resources needed by the Department in its Community Oriented Policing Program. You may contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit  at 301-883-5465.

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  • Licensing alarm companies
  • Registering and renewing residential and non-residential alarm user
  • Sending notification of alarms and penalties
  • Providing notifications of inspections and upgrade requirements for excessive false alarms and administering an appeal process.

Billing Cycle 

The billing cycle begins on May 1st and ends April 30th each year.

During this billing cycle, the alarm user may accrue 3 false alarms against their registration with no penalty. After the 3rd false alarm, fines are accessed as follows:

​False Alarm(s) Number Fee
1, 2, 3​ ​No Fee
​4, 5, 6 ​$50.00
​7, 8, 9 ​$100.00
​10, 11, 12 ​$150.00
13 and greater​ ​$200.00

In addition to the fines:
After the 6th false alarm, user is required to have their system inspected and re-certified by their alarm company. There is a $25.00 fee for the inspection certificate.

    After the 12th false alarm, user is required to have their system upgraded. There is a $50.00 fee for the upgrade certificate.

Read more about the Appeal Guidelines for the false alarm penalties

Alarm Applications

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