Silver Medal of Valor - Robbie Loveday

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Loveday, Robbie
Sergeant Robbie W. Loveday
Sliver Medal of Valor

On January 28, 2011, at 9:25 a.m., officers from the Prince George’s County Police and Takoma Park Police Departments were dispatched to the Capital One Bank at 1181 University Boulevard in Takoma Park for the call of a bank robbery in progress.  When officers arrived, they observed a man standing at the front door holding a weapon at a female hostage. Officers quickly established a perimeter and Prince George’s County Police Sergeant Robbie Loveday devised a plan of action. 

 Officers gave the suspect verbal directions to surrender, but he ignored their commands.  Instead, he quickly opened the door and exited, holding the hostage at gunpoint. Suddenly, he pointed the gun at the hostage’s head, held her neck in a headlock and began walking away from the bank and toward officers on the perimeter.

At that time, a plainclothes Takoma Park Police Officer, with no body protection, began approaching the suspect.  However, Sergeant Loveday, who was in full protective police uniform, waved him away and toward cover.  The suspect continued to move toward the officers, still refusing orders to drop the gun.

Fearing the suspect was about to break the perimeter, Sergeant Loveday stood still, in the suspect’s path, forcing the suspect to change direction.  And, it was at that very moment, the suspect slipped on a patch of ice and lost grip of the hostage. The woman was able to break free and run away.  But, as she fled, the suspect ran after her, pointing his gun toward nearby officers.  Fearing for the life of the hostage and the other officers on the scene, Sergeant Loveday and two other officers discharged their issued firearms, mortally wounding the suspect.

Sergeant Loveday displayed great courage and risked his life for the protection of others.  His quick thinking under extreme pressure was instrumental in rescuing the hostage and bringing this incident to resolution.

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