Gold Medal of Valor: McAleavey; Goudreau; Martinez

Police, Valor Awards

McAleavey, Sean
Corporal Sean F. McAleavey
Bronze Medal of Valor
Police Officers of the Year
Goudreau, Shane
Police Officer First Class Shane M. Goudreau
Bronze Medal of Valor
Police Officers of the Year
Martinez, Jorge
Police Officer First Class Jorge Martinez
Bronze Medal of Valor
Police Officers of the Year

On March 12, 2011, at approximately 7 p.m., members of the District I Special Assignment Team were working in the area of Queens Chapel Road and Chillum Road in response to a recent spike in armed robberies.  Officer Jorge Martinez, who was part of the team, was driving an unmarked surveillance vehicle to assist in uncovering illegal activities. Forty minutes into his shift, Officer Martinez observed three males walking on Chillum Road.  They were banging on the windows to various businesses and throwing objects at passing cars.  He relayed this information to Corporal Sean McAleavey and Officer Shane Goudreau, and advised that the subjects had stopped in front of the CVS Pharmacy and were still acting in a disorderly manner. 

Corporal McAleavey and Officer Goudreau proceeded to the CVS Pharmacy, and as they exited their marked police vehicles, the subjects fled.  Both officers gave chase; then suddenly, one of the suspects turned towards them and opened fire with a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, striking Corporal McAleavey in the magazine pouch of his gun belt and knocking him back several steps.  Officer Goudreau, who realized his partner was in immediate danger, stood his ground, pulled his firearm and returned fire. This allowed Corporal McAleavey just enough time to recover and also return fire.  Both officers recognized that by retreating, their fellow officer would be alone in a close quarter’s shootout with the armed subject.
With his fellow officers’ lives at risk, Officer Martinez immediately drove his surveillance vehicle into the middle of Chillum Road and placed the car between the officers and the gunman.  In an attempt to use his vehicle as a shield for his fellow officers, Officer Martinez placed his driver’s side door within several feet of the still firing suspect.  Corporal McAleavey and Officers Goudreau and Martinez then used the vehicle as cover, as the suspect continued to fire at all three officers. The suspect was eventually struck by gunfire and fell to the ground; but, he continued to fire his gun at the officers.  Using sound tactics, communication, and cover, all three officers were able to successfully reload their firearms during which time they realized that the suspect had seemingly exhausted all of his ammunition.  The officers tactically approached the wounded gunman and placed him into custody.

Investigation revealed that the suspect fired approximately sixteen rounds at the officers during the intense gun battle. Corporal McAleavey and Officers Goudreau and Martinez willingly placed themselves in extreme danger and engaged in a fight for their lives, to protect the lives of their fellow officers.  Due to the heroic and selfless actions of all three officers, an armed and dangerous felon was removed from the streets of Prince George’s County.

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