Gold Medal of Valor and Police Officer of the Year - Robert Harvin Jr

Incident #8

Sergeant Robert Harvin, Jr.
Gold Medal of Valor
Police Officer of the Year

On May 4, 2007, Sergeant Harvin was off-duty when he observed flames shooting out of the roof of a nearby house located in the 7900 block of Orchard Parkway in Bowie.  Realizing the potential danger, he immediately rushed to the residence in fear there would be people trapped inside.  He began banging on the door and shouting in an effort to alert the occupants of the home.  When he received no response, Sergeant Harvin, without regard for his own safety or protective equipment, entered the residence.
Once inside he found seven children, ages four through seventeen, who were home alone.  The younger children had been playing with matches and were attempting to put out the fire.  The children were unaware that the fire had spread inside the walls and that the entire second floor and roof were engulfed in flames.   
Sergeant Harvin shielded the children from the flames as he safely rescued them and their pet dog from the burning house. Unfortunately, the house was completely destroyed.  Sergeant Harvin’s heroic actions and willingness to place himself in extreme danger, during this potentially explosive situation, saved the lives of the children and the family pet. 

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