Gold Medal of Valor - Daily; Williams

Incident #2

Corporal Michael Daily
Corporal Michael W. Daily
Gold Medal of Valor
Corporal Derrick Williams
Corporal Derrick S. Williams
Gold Medal of Valor

On May 5, 2007, a call for a house fire with people still inside was dispatched in the 3300 block of 28th Parkway in Temple Hills.  Corporals Daily and Williams were nearby and responded.  Upon their arrival, they saw that the upstairs of the house was fully engulfed in fire.  In front of the house they located a 12 year old who stated that there were people still inside. 
Both officers immediately entered the house to render assistance to the citizens that were still inside.  As the officers entered the hallway they located a male and female who were attempting to drag an unconscious male out of the house.  Corporal Williams assisted the female out of the house to safety, while Corporal Daily got the unconscious male out of the house.  The other male was able to make it out of the house on his own.
At that time, the Fire Department arrived and Corporal Daily assisted the medic unit with getting the unconscious male victim onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.  The victim was transported to Washington Hospital Burn Center where he was treated for 3rd degree burns to his feet, legs, arms and smoke inhalation. Corporals Daily and Williams’ courageous actions and willingness to place themselves at great risk were directly responsible for saving the man’s life.

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