Bronze Medals of Valor - Cordero; Martin; Johnson

Police, Valor Awards

Cordero, Tim
Sergeant Timothy E. Cordero
Bronze Medal of Valor
Martin, Edward
Police Officer Edward K. Martin, Jr.
Bronze Medal of Valor
Johnson, Stephen
Police Officer Stephen K. Johnson
Bronze Medal of Valor

On September 24, 2009, Officer Stephen Johnson observed a blue van leaving a local motel in an area known for high drug activity. Officer Johnson attempted to affect a traffic stop on the van in the 6200 block of Annapolis Road. The driver of the van refused to pull over and made several attempts to evade Officer Johnson.  While attempting to flee, the driver became involved in an accident with another vehicle. In an effort to avoid apprehension, the driver intentionally rammed his vehicle into Officer Johnson’s marked police cruiser.  The driver then fled westbound on Annapolis Road with Officer Johnson in pursuit.  Sergeant Timothy Cordero and Police Officer Edward Martin joined the pursuit that was now heading towards the District of Columbia.

As they crossed the Anacostia River Bridge, the suspect stopped near a barrier wall and began throwing large bags of marijuana out the passenger window and into the river.   Officer Johnson immediately approached the driver’s door and the suspect began to crawl out the passenger side window in an effort to escape.  Officer Johnson quickly entered the van and grabbed the suspect’s ankles as he hung half way out of the window.  The suspect began kicking and striking Officer Johnson repeatedly until he managed to break free.

Once outside the van the suspect swung his leg over the barrier and attempted to jump off the bridge and into the water below.  Sergeant Cordero and Officer Martin immediately leaned over the barrier and grabbed the suspect by his legs that were now dangling precariously over the side of the bridge.  Officer Martin could see that Sergeant Cordero was dangerously close to going over the barrier and grabbed him to keep him from being pulled over the edge.  After an intense struggle, the three officers were able to pull the suspect back onto the bridge.  The suspect continued to violently fight and resist the officers’ apprehension efforts until a less than lethal tactic was deployed.

As the officers assessed the scene, they discovered the suspect’s three-year-old son in the van, along with two one-pound bags of marijuana.  The Marine Unit responded to the scene and recovered four one-pound bags of marijuana from the river.

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